Pau d'Arco Tea (54 Bag)

Pau d'Arco Tea (54 Bag)
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    Pau d'Arco Tea (54 Bag) Form: Bag Serving Size: ONE TEA BAG Number Of Servings: 0 Servings Weight: 5 OZ Product Label Genuine Argentine Lapacho 100% Argentine Lapacho Treasure of the Incas Herbal Tea has been used by the Callawaya Indians, the caste of medicine men of the old Incan Empire of South America, for a variety of ailments. Called Taheebo by natives, the herb comes from the botanical family Bignoniacea (genus: tacoma, species: conspicua ) and is also known as Ipe Roxo, Pau D'Arco and Lapacho Morado. Teasure of the Incas may be enjoyed by children as well as adults. At the height of the opulent Incan Empire, its size and power was comparable to that of ancient Rome. Incan medicine was well advanced for the time of its civilization. Herbs, roots, bark and flowers were gathered from the lush jungle areas for medicinal purposes. The Callawaya are still using Lapacho today for its profound healing properties. Dr. Theodore Meyer, discovering the special characteristics of the Argentine Lapacho Tree, began researching the chemical properties of the Lapacho bark and its potential in treating degenerative diseases twenty years ago. The Argentine Lapacho Tree, characterized by its light lavender flowers, has been found to be two to three times more effective than the Brazilian Ipe Roxo or the Bolivian Taheebo tree. Almost all the research facilities use the Argentine Lapacho for their continuing studies of the seemingly remarkable effects that Lapacho has on many degenerative diseases. Argentine Lapacho is completely non-toxic and may be used in combination with other food supplements and may be taken as your favorite beverage. Drink with meals or as a refreshment. It is caffeine free and delicious. Directions For a cup of Lapacho Tea, steep one bag in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Tea may be enjoyed hot or cold. Sweeten with honey or add lemon if you wish.