Matcha Organic Green Tea (10 Packets)

Matcha Organic Green Tea (10 Packets)
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    Matcha Organic Green Tea (10 Packets) Form: Packets Number Of Servings: 0 Servings Weight: 2 OZ Product Label Rishi® Tea Matcha Organic Green Tea ≈ Natural Energy on the Go! Certified USDA Organic Rishi's Matcha is pure tea leaf, micro-ground into a fine powder by a cold milling process that delivers the taste of premium green tea. Rishi Marcha has authentic, real tea taste that's easy to enjoy anywhere. Richi Matcha is individually packed to ensure its freshness, flavor and vivid green color. Each packet contains the perfect amount for an on-to-go-serving or in a traditional chawan (tea bowl) Directions Preparation (Cold) Use any 16.9 oz(500ml) bottle of water. Take a sip first to make space for Matcha to be easily dispersed. Empty one packet of Matcha into the bottle and shake vigorously until Match becomes frothy and even in color. Some clumping is natural. Preparation (Hot) Add 1 packet of Matcha to a bowl. Add 4 to 5 ounces of 175 degrees Fahrenheit water. Whisk with chasen until frothy. The chasen (bamboo whisk) is the traditional utensil for making Matcha. Move the chasen back and forth evenly as if drawing the letter "M". Whisk until frothy, making sure to break up any small clumps of Matcha, creating a smooth and creamy texture. The chasen should be cleaned only with hot water and air dried after each use.