Kokmate Tea (4 Ounces Loose Leaf Tea)

Kokmate Tea (4 Ounces Loose Leaf Tea)
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    Kokmate Tea (4 Ounces Loose Leaf Tea) Form: Loose Leaf Tea Number Of Servings: 0 Servings Weight: 13 OZ Product Label Tiesta Tea Energizer ≈ Kokomaté ≈ ¤ Close your eyes and experience this amazing Yerba Mate and rooibos union with a slightly smoky attitude and sweet finish. ¤ Our Energizer Blends contain black and maté teas, which help you deal with fatigue by giving you an added mental and physical boost. Kokomaté blend contains: Organic Yerba Maté + Rooibos + Coconut Fruit + Cinnamon Caffeine: High Makes: 30-50 cups based on an 8 oz serving. Directions Add 1.5 tsp of tea to your favorite loose tea infuser. Pour 8 oz of hot water over the loose tea. After steeping, remove the tea from the water and serve. Warning Use caution with hot water.