Joint Soother® One Per Day

Joint Soother® One Per Day
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    Joint Soother® with Boswellia combines Glucosamine with additional ingredients such as Boswellia and Vitamin D3. This specialized blend helps to promote joint health by supporting the structural framework of joints.** Supported joints help to promote comfort and flexibility so you can continue to stay active throughout your busy day.** Joint Soother® with Boswellia also helps to support joint cartilage, which can be affected by the natural aging process and everyday wear and tear.** Each serving of Joint Soother® with Boswellia is formulated with key ingredients such as Glucosamine, which helps support cartilage.** Vitamin D3, a potent and active form of Vitamin D, helps support bone health.** When taken as part of your daily supplement schedule, Joint Soother® with Boswellia is a formulary matrix that helps strengthen joints.** Individual Results May Vary